Meet Lance!

“My name is Lance Stewart, and I’m running for Congress because I feel the collective body of Congress continues to let us down. Somehow, self-serving members keep getting elected while the quality of life for many of the members of a district continues to decline. Term limits for Congress is long overdue. If elected, I would put my country and my district first, standing up for conservative values and standing for our rights as citizens.

I am a Christian, father, husband, and veteran small business owner who understands the importance of keeping people from District 7 employed. The Biden Administration and the Democratic Party are destroying our nation through federal mandates, regulations, encouraging unemployment, supply chain disruptions, and a host of many problems. We need to take back the House with representatives who aren’t cowards and will fight for all of our threatened rights.”

Pro Life
Keep Texans Working
Abolish Cancel Culture
Election Integrity
Protect Constitutional Rights
Stop Reckless Federal Spending
Keep Parents Involved with Education
Protect and Promote Capitalism
Law and Order


I’d love to hear from you!     [email protected]