Lance on the Issues

Small Business

    • As a small business owner, I’ve witnessed what unemployment has done to the business owner as well as the workforce. For some, it is too enticing to sit on the couch and be paid to not work. The consequences of the government’s actions has resulted in countless small businesses being forced to close. I know this firsthand and I have been faced with the same difficult decisions as many small business owners.


    • I am absolutely against abortion. In the early stages of mitosis and meiosis, life has begun. I am against abortion as soon as the cells begin to divide.
      Furthermore, I would rather defund the abortion clinics known as Planned Parenthood than police departments. It is reckless to so willingly destroy a life who is defenseless and not able to defend oneself. I acknowledge in rape situations, the dimensions of a decision are changed, but, for the most part, two consenting adults make a choice that has consequences. Since the dawn of Man we have known of the possible consequences of unprotected sex. It isn’t a secret. We live with our decisions.

The Wall

  •  Every nation has not only the right but the responsibility to secure its borders. We have more issues than illegal immigrants crossing over. An open border invites human trafficking and continues to be a major problem in the Houston area. We can greatly reduce the horrors of human trafficking by simply finishing the wall. Additionally, open borders invite terrorists to cross over and operate in our country. Also, the democrats only desire illegals from certain countries-notice Cuba is not one because the Democratic party knows they are conservative and will vote Republican. The Biden Administration is also pouring in illegal immigrants in the US and placing them in areas to where they think will benefit their party in years to come. This wall should have been finished decades ago to protect the US.

Cancel Culture

  • Whereas the lines for District 7 may have changed, the problems associated with keeping a liberal representative who supports a party that aims to divide its citizens and put America last has not. I am a proud American from the United States. When I wake up, I am grateful for this fact. I do not lament on the injustices and struggles of my Native American ancestors and what they endured in this country nor do I meditate on prejudices my Irish ancestors faced early in this country. The truth is we all come from a very diverse background much like District 7 itself. If we decided to relive the horrors our ancestors faced and decided to dwell on a past, many generations removed from ourselves, we would not be able to move forward. Cancel Culture seeks to erase the struggles of our ancestors as well as the bonds all races in this country have worked very hard to maintain. It is also an insult to every citizen when such ingrained institutions as the NFL decides to further divide this nation by playing two different national anthems. We are one nation but we will not continue to be if we continue to fight amongst ourselves and allow those who seek to divide us to continue to do so.


  • Parents not only have the right to be involved with education but should be. Involved parents who do not wish for their kids to be indoctrinated into the failed communist ideology of the democratic party are not domestic terrorists as the Biden administration claims. Additionally, President Trump was correct to relax the education restrictions for those citizens who live in lower income areas. We all want what is best for our children. Just because someone lives in a poorer section of town does not mean those parents should be subjugated to brings their kids to what could be a failed school. If a school is failing, that is not the parents’ fault. I support the rights of parents to be involved with the education of their children as well as the right for a parent to choose the best school for a kid.

Federal Mandates/Vaccines 

  • The federal mandates Biden wishes to impose are unconstitutional. Furthermore, the medical community disagrees with each other on the effectiveness of the COVID vaccines. People who have taken the vaccine are still getting COVID-so what’s the point? The point is this administration and the democratic party wish to see how far people can be controlled. Make no mistake about this-we have only been one or two votes away from losing many of our constitutional freedoms. This primary is critical. We must send to the general election our best chances to defeat the communist party known as the democratic party. We will beat Lizzie.


    • Our country cannot continue to spend money that we do not have. Likewise, the Federal Reserve should stop printing money until we can control our debt. I will fight for a balanced budget amendment to ensure our future generations are not saddled with out-of-control debt. I also applaud the efforts by Texas to encourage crypto mining in this state.


    • I would rather have an immigrant here who pays taxes into the system than someone who is voluntarily on welfare who chooses to not go to work. My wife was an immigrant from Mexico and is now a proud citizen who votes, pays taxes, works, ect.

Law and Order

    • The efforts to defund the police we are seeing all over the country threaten the security and safety of every American. These radical ideas do nothing but create more issues, panic, and divide us as a nation. Those calling for defunding the police do not want vigilantes, who would be unforgiving, to patrol the defunded areas. Defunding the police invites more violence and recklessness. We need only to look at Seattle and the increased crime and violence which has ensued since that city made the careless decision to get rid of police officers. I will fight for our law enforcement communities and the safety of all Americans.

Election Integrity

    • Ensuring only those who are eligible to vote are the ones who in fact cast ballots is imperative. We must have faith in our election process or we can have no faith in our government. There is abundant proof of election fraud from videos of people throwing away ballots, ect. In Philadelphia, the poll workers boarded the windows so no one could see what was going on. These are serious crimes and these people will be dealt with seriously when I am elected. Moreover, I will track how high this election corruption goes. All will be brought to justice for these treasonous acts.


    • Americans are overtaxed and under-serviced. The broadened tax credits under President Trump greatly benefitted the middle and lower classes. Representative Kevin Brady of Texas correctly stated,

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lifted millions of Americans out of poverty and gave hope to so many the old tax code had left behind.

“Democrats’ socialist agenda pushes companies to countries with lower tax rates—including Communist China. President Biden’s global minimum tax will make it better to be a foreign company and a foreign worker than an American one.

“Repealing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a tax increase on the middle class. Even liberals agree that under the President’s tax plan, working families will see their taxes go up.”

    • Taxes are necessary but we need to be responsible with what is asked. For instance, raising the corporate tax rate too high risks the possibility of companies moving to other countries. I will fight to lower taxes so the families in my district can keep more of their hard-earned income.


    • If we’re not out patrolling the seas, China will be. We must maintain a strong presence world-wide to help ensure peace. Our military might and capabilities are incredible, however, under the Democratic party leadership the power gap between the US and the rest of the world such as China, Russia, ect dramatically shrinks. The United States, and the world as a whole, does not need that to shrink.

Second Amendment

    • The right to bear arms. The right to form a militia to protect a state. I can’t believe the left is trying to undo this. This is literally the second amendment our forefathers proclaimed immediately after freedom of speech.Gun restrictions only hurt responsible gun owners. Do we really think criminals will care what gun laws are passed? Unfortunately, criminals will find a way to get a gun even if it is illegal.

Federal Government

    • Burdensome regulation and government intrusion in citizens’ everyday life is out of control. The Biden administration is constantly challenging the rights of states. We all know what is good for California and Washington may not be what is good for Texas. The national government’s role is to protect and maintain individual rights, honor and support the Constitution, and secure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I don’t trust the national government to properly apply tax money. Do we really want to give the Federal Government more control of our lives? I will fight to limit the power of the federal government and return it to the basic tenets outlined by the Constitution.


    • Create an environment wherein free enterprise, free market, hard work, and virtuous capitalism will once again allow every US citizen who wants to experience positive growth and prosperity to do so. Despite what the Left claims, capitalism has created more wealth for more people. Everyone in this country regardless of race, sex, creed, or whatever has the opportunity to live a prosperous life. There are countless examples of people who grew up poor or on the “wrong side of town” who became successful. Why? We live in the United States where creativity and imagination thrive in a capitalistic society.

Foreign Policy

    • We must protect American interests all over the world. Sometimes, though, it is necessary to protect those that cannot protect themselves against ruthless dictators. We must be willing to fight terrorists in their homeland to keep them from attacking us in our homeland.


    • As a Christian, I stand firm with Israel and its people. I strongly feel the need to protect the Holy land. As a US citizen, I also see the need to protect people who have enemies who threaten their very livelihoods. The US helped form the current state of Israel and should be bound to its protection.